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Cursillo-related Movements
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Anglican Cursillo

Anglican Cursillo Logo (Australia)After being adopted by the Episcopalian Church in the United States, the Cursillo Movement joined the Anglican Church of Canada and several other countries of the Commonwealth. In 1979, a team of Anglican cursillistas of Canada went to Australia, to implant the Cursillo Movement in the diocese of Canberra. From there, the Movement joined 14 other Anglican dioceses from Australia and the diocese of Wellington, in New Zealand. In the United Kingdom, the Anglican Cursillo Movement is established in 17 dioceses. We also find it in the Bahama Islands, in South Africa, in Russia and in India.

In Canada, Catholic cursillistas and Anglican cursillistas often work together. In 1980, the first Anglican cursillo weekend in Ottawa was organized by Catholic cursillistas, who helped during the three first years for its implantation.  Today this Ottawa Anglican Cursillo Movement participates willingly to the meetings of the Catholic Internation Group of North America.  In Victoria, British Columbia, Anglicans and Catholic cursillistas meet regularly.  Same in Halifax, where several Catholic cursillistas participated in the animation of Cursillo weekends for the Anglicans of Nova Scotia.

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