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We invite you to discover the Cursillo Movement which is spreading the love of Christ worldwide, in more than 60 countries and across the religious spectrum

Find out also about our French-speaking branch of this Cursillo tree:

We hold out the hand of friendship and invite you to get to know us

Do you read French?..

This website is a partial translation of a French-speaking one. This latter provides visitors with many resources dealing with holiness, formation and evangelization, which are the three pillars of the Cursillo movement.

The Cursillo Movement

"An instrument raised up by God for the proclamation of the gospel in our time". (John Paul II)

entete de la section Cursillo Learn how Cursillo is more than a simple week-end.
The FAQ answers many questions and remains open to yours.
Overview of Cursillo history and its current expansion in the world.
News & Events and Upcoming 3-days in different countries.
See how the Cursillo Movement has spread in many Christian Denominations and is at the origin of a great number of Renewal Movements
The Francophone Cursillo Movement of Canada  
entete de la section mcfc Organization Chart and activities of the Cursillo Movement within our 22 dioceses.
Palanca Request Annual Calendar.
"Pèlerins en marche", the National Quarterly Magazine of the FCMC.
MCFC Supplies.

Cursillo Worldwide Directory
entete de la section Liens Extensive directory of Cursillo websites and of 4th day communities derived from Cursillo (over 1700 Links).

Talk To US
entête de la section Contact See and Sign our Guestbook!.
MCFC Contacts.
Internet Committee


What's new?

The Cursillo Movement

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MCFC Annual Calendar


Upcoming Cursillos
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