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Clic here to leave us your message.We greatly appreciate your comments about this site or about the Cursillo Movement. Feel free also to ask any related questions. Don't forget to leave us your NAME, CITY & COUNTRY.

(Note: To request Palanca do not use this page but write to Louise who will display your request on "Upcoming 3-Days Worldwide")

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Please feel free to reply to any message that arouses your interest or for which you hold the answer.

Sender's Name : Vincent A. Russo Date : August 14, 2012
City / Country: Daphne, Alabama, USA


Today as I used Google to search for help with Cursillo Palancas I came across your site.

It was well thought out and a real help to me. Thank you for acting as webmaster


Sender's Name : Milroy Anselm Anthonisz Date : November 10, 2011
City / Country: Colombo Sri Lanka


Lived The Three Days in October, 1989. Participated in five subsequent Weekends. Am 77 years old. My Rollo was Study and I acted as Editor of "De Colores" bulletin of the Cursillo Movement for 10 years. This website is my favourite for keeping with touch. I am in retirement now... God Bless you all.


Sender's Name : Orazio Galeno Date : July 3, 2011
City / Country:

I need help regarding how an Ultreya meeting should be run. We believe we run ours correctly and yet now some questions have been raised about if we are indeed running it right. Please give us in detail the format we should go by with examples. I would like to bring the information and facts to our next officers meeting in order for any necessary changes we need to make for our next Ultreya meeting. If you send attachments please send them in Word Format. Thank you in advance.


Sender's Name : Beatrice Bailey Date : May 27, 2011
City / Country: Sacramento, California

I just attended the Great Banquet in Indianapolis. I live in Sacramento and would like to know where a similar organization is located in Northern California. Please advise. Blessings,

"People may forget what you said, and people may forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel..."


Sender's Name : Bets Arcus Date : May 6, 2011
City / Country: Pretoria, South Africa

My name is Bets Arcus. I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I`ve just been Blessed to spend 72 hours on the `Walk to Emmaus`. It was my first contact with De Colores and what a blessing. This was truly a life changing experience!!!!! I cannot thank everybody enough for the priveledge to recommit my life to God, Our Lord Jesus with the Holy Spirit. In my country, like the rest of the world, poverty are abound, but I am committed to be the hands and feet of our Lord. In the words of Mother Theresa: "If you cannot feed millions, feed one" That will be my mission

Sender's Name : Carlos Scott Date : February 27, 2011
City / Country: Brooklyn-Queens, USA

Enjoyed your web site and look forward to adding it as one of my sites to visit frequently as we work to reinstate our own web site in our diocesis. Although I am with the Spanish Cursillo movement in out city, it's indeed an honor to be a part of such diverse, Christ Centered and uplifting movement. Keep up the good work, De Colores,
Carlos Scott, Secretary, Movimiento de Cursillos de Cristiandad, Diocesis de Brooklyn-Queens USA


Sender's Name : Hannes Landman Date : February 20, 2011
City / Country: South Africa

De Colores Brothers and sisters in Christ!
I think your website is very well done, and have to say that a lot of information from it helped us enormously prior to the “launch” of Cursillo in South Africa. Our first Cursillo was held in June 2009, and has since spread to 1 more diocese with the next diocese on the cards for later this year (God willing). Please pray for the success and discernment in the growth of this gift that we as Catholics received so that it can become as succesful as the rest of the world. Be abundantly blessed.


Sender's Name : Jennifer Ostarch Date : January 30, 2011
City / Country:

I have a friend whose mother recently passed away. The husband contacted me because he knew I was involved in retreats... He thinks his wife Irene Mondragon was signed up to go on the next Cursillo retreat. She didnt tell him much about it, so he doesnt even know when the date is for the retreat. He would like his granddaughter to go on retreat in her place.. Do you know who he could contact to get info about this? She attended St. Joseph church in CC if that helps anything. Sincerely Jennifer Ostarch 361-442-3100


Hoping someone reading your message will be able to answer you. Please let us know to which city and diocese your friend belongs.


Sender's Name : Betty Sturbaum Date : January 28, 2011
City / Country:

yellow roseI recall a "yellow rose" representing the 3 days and opening up during the movement and the 4th day as: "Today is the First Day of the Rest of your Life"


A nice symbol and a food for thought indeed! I was not aware of such a symbol during the Cursillo weekend. I wonder if it is a tradition elsewhere.


Sender's Name : Janice O'Gorman Date : February 18, 2010
City / Country: Australia

Hi my name is Janice O'Gorman. I am an Anglican Priest in Melbourne Australia. I've just been to your website and wondered if you had any links to Cursillistas in Nice, France. I have a friend stranded there and am looking to connect him to some Christians for support. Thanks.

Unfortunately I know of no Cursillistas in Nice, France. But to find some Christians for support may I suggest you address the web site of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Nice ( ) or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nice (in French) ( Hope this can help a bit. Yours Friendly in Christ. S.S.

Sender's Name : Sidney Bilsky Date : February 5, 2010
City / Country: Vancouver, BC, Canada

You have a beautiful and extensive web site. I am impressed.

We in Vancouver have a very good web site. When I was checking the Canadian Cursillo web sites you have listed for Canada I noticed that our site is not among them. You may like to include us in you listing. Our site is

Thank you for the great work that you are doing for the Cursillo ministry. De Colores

Sidney Bilsky, treasurer, Vancouver Cursillo Movement




Thank you for your visit! Come again soon!