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Guestbook Archives - Year 2005


Name: Bonnie Lewis
Date: December 30, 2005
City: Pensacola, Florida
Country USA
I have found a 1949 Pilgrim's Prayer Book in a very old pocket type folder that is frayed on the top edges. The book is in excellent condition, darkened with age. Is this a rare book? Even if it isn't, I treasure old and historical things, so I plan to keep it safe. Thank you if you can respond to me.

Name: Richard D. Petitt
Date: December 29, 2005
E-Mail: Ma & Pa Petitt []
City: Beloit, Wisconsin
Country USA
I am the Palanca Chair for Sonrise Via de Cristo of Wisconsin. I find your web site very helpful. I am looking for other Palanca Chairs to exchange Palanca for upcoming weekends in Wisconsin. Any help with WEB sites addresses or whatever would be very helpful to my task of prayer for upcoming weekends here and praying for weekends in other parts of the world.



Name: Beth Schuler
Date: December 6, 2005
City: Ashland Kentucky
Country USA
Hi.  I am looking for wall agape letters from other communities not listed in the community locator, would love the Spain area in particular.  Can any one help me with a little info.
Thank you and God bless you in all your 4th days.

Name: Gerry Gribbin
Date: October, 24, 2005
City: Belfast
Country Ireland
Dear Friends in Christ:  My name is Gerry Gribbin.  I am Agape /Palanca Coordinator for Kairos Prison Ministry in Ireland and in 4th Day having made my Cursillo in 1995
I have asked to make contact with 4th Day Groups Worldwide to request Agape /Palanca for the forthcoming Kairos Weekend in Ireland

For the first time on the Island of Ireland the Kairos weekend will be presented in Maghaberry Prison - in Northern Ireland - in January of 2006.

Please Send Palanca / Agape To;  Agape Co-ordinator KAC, Gerry Gribbin , 20 Appleton Park Belfast, BT11 9JE, N Ireland.  Email ;

This is  the first weekend in the Island of Ireland and will take place  in January 2006 ~ all prayer time ~ palanca ~ agape ~ would be fully appreciated. It is only with Prayer that this first  Kairos weekend will be successful.
Peace Love Joy ~ God's Blessings
Your Brother In Jesus Christ

Name: marie rose agnes baluyot
Date: August, 29, 2005
City: Santolan, Pasig City
Country Philippines
I was part of the DWTL - SBS batch 0 in 1993. is there any way that i could meet other girls who met Kuya Jess? Are there DWTL sessions currently held where I can help? I really want other girls to have the same meaningful experience and relationship that i had back in high school. thanks, 
Sugar Baluyot
183 Evangelista St., Santolan, Pasig City


Name: Penni Perrotte 
Date: August, 29, 2005
City: Walnut Creek, CA
Country USA

De Colores! I am the Outside Palanca Coordinator for a Coed Anglican Cursillo taking place on October 6-9, 2005 in Santa Rosa, CA (Northern California, USA).  The theme for the weekend is:  "Let My Prayer Rise Up."

I am writing to ask if your Cursillistas would be willing to send Palanca to these new candidates and/or to pray for them.  We are mainly looking for posters and letters.  I think it would be a wonderful surprise for them to see Palanca has been sent from another country by "God's people" who love them without ever meeting them! 

If interested, the Palanca should be sent to me at one of the following addresses: 


Penni Perrotte              Penni Perrotte        

1308 Walden Road #33     712 Bancroft Road #166      (use zeroes before

Walnut Creek, CA  94597  Walnut Creek, CA  94598     the 7 and 4 above)

Thank you in advance and God bless you...

Your Sister in Christ,   Penni

Name: Rev. Fr. David Sokol
Date: July, 21, 2005
City: Orlando, FL
Country USA
I am very interested in locating someone within the TEC movement to help us with a small number of teens in January 2006.  These youngsters experienced our summer camp for the last three years and participated in a mission trip to Puerto Rico as well.  At the most recent camp they became very 'spiritually' aware of the liturgy and prayer life.  They are a select group that we will bring together from throughout our Diocese for a greater depth of meditation and spiritual maturity. They will then become spiritual leaders (as opposed to junior counselors) at the next camp.
They are all voluntarily praying morning and evening prayer and join together over the Internet in prayer as well.
Please let me know of any thoughts that you may have to help us in this process.
God Bless
Rev. Fr. David Sokol
Associate Rector
Cathedral of the Incarnation
Orlando Florida
Diocese of the Eastern United States
Anglican Church in America
4061 SE 25th Terrace
Ocala Florida 34480

Name: John Ailstock
Date: July, 19, 2005
City: McMinnville, Oregon
Country USA
Greetings, I am a Presbyterian Pastor in McMinnville, Oregon. I have been here about six months, and I am interested in partnering with a Cursillo type community to extend that ministry here. I attended a Presbyterian Cursillo as a lay person in 1986, and was very involved in the Presbyterian Pilgrimage in Va. I was a spiritual advisor on six weekends. Any information you may have about communities in this area would be greatly appreciated. My church phone 3 is 503-472-6256. Thanks so much and blessings to you.
John Ailstock

Name: Sr. Irene Knope, snjm
Date: July, 12, 2005
City: Spokane, WA
Country USA
I want to find out about "Teens Encounter Christ".  Several of us would love to find out about the possibility of bringing in someone to help put on a TEC weekend in Spokane Washington, U.S.A.
Sr. Irene Knopes, snjm    St.Joseph Catholic church
1503 W. Dean Ave    Spokane WA 99201

Name: Susan Roe
Date: June 6, 2005
City: Sausalito/Marin County
Country USA
Can you share with me the Marin County web link for Cursillo, we have a friend who wants to go this October in Marin, thank you. Prayers, Susan Roe (Sausalito/Marin County)

Name: Dick & Johanna de Koning
Date: May 10, 2005
City: Bangkok
Country Thailand

Hi brother or sister,
My name is Dick de Koning and I’m living as a missionary in Thailand. My wife and I are wondering whom we should contact in the vicinity of Thailand to see how we can get a Cursillo movement to Thailand?! We are presently leading Marriage Encounter in this country.
Can you help us find an answer?!
God Bless,
Dick & Johanna de Koning

Name: Patrick J. Van De Motter
Date: March 29, 2005
City: Cleveland, OH
Country USA
- De Colores Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

My name is Patrick Van De Motter. I made my Koinonia weekend at West Side Koinonia ( in Cleveland, Ohio. K-55. I just finished as a Troubadour on K-57. I find it almost overwhelming to go from a nominal Christian to a burning heart Christian in 3 days. This movement is phenomenal. I would also like to let you know that there are 3 Koinonia communities in and around the Cleveland Area. I believe that Buffalo NY community help found the Lake County Koinonia in Ohio. Lake County helped found West Side Koinonia in Olmsted Falls Ohio. West Side Koinonia helped found Inspiration Koinonia in Burbank, Ohio (Near Wooster, OH). Perhaps, if this keeps rolling along, there will someday be more burning heart Christians than nominal Christian.

I thank God for this movement and all that have gone before me. It is the closest thing I can think of to the REAL Christian communities that St. Paul always talked about.

God bless all who take part and spread this good news



Name: Robert MacLeish
Date: March 25, 2005
City: Orlando, FL
Country USA

Dear Friends in Christ,

     Is your wonderful history of the Cursillo Movement available in print, and in English?

Robert MacLeish, Orlando, FL, USA
Aldersgate Cursillo #1   (Methodist)

DeColores and God bless you,


Name: Mark Mattheiss
Date: January 11, 2005
City: South Orange, NJ
Country USA

My name is Mark Mattheiss. I made a Search weekend back in 1984 and was involved with other weekends into College as team member, Coordinator, etc...
God has done so much for me over the years and I am now discerning a vocation to the priesthood. A few weeks ago during my morning prayer as I was preparing for a missions trip to Mexico I heard God whisper "charity begins at home." I felt inspired to plan a retreat for my family (immediate and extended) as many of them were taught the Faith as kids but have long since abandoned it.
There has been a good response and just yesterday I booked the retreat house in New Jersey for March 5-6!
   My question to you is:
Do you have the talk outlines for Search? I would like to reference them in preparing this retreat. Any help you could give is much appreciated.
Thank you and God Bless you!

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