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Guestbook Archives - Year 2010


Sender's Name : Janice O'Gorman Date : February 18, 2010
City / Country: Australia

Hi my name is Janice O'Gorman. I am an Anglican Priest in Melbourne Australia. I've just been to your website and wondered if you had any links to Cursillistas in Nice, France. I have a friend stranded there and am looking to connect him to some Christians for support. Thanks.

Unfortunately I know of no Cursillistas in Nice, France. But to find some Christians for support may I suggest you address the web site of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Nice ( ) or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Nice (in French) ( Hope this can help a bit. Yours Friendly in Christ. S.S.

Sender's Name : Sidney Bilsky Date : February 5, 2010
City / Country: Vancouver, BC, Canada

You have a beautiful and extensive web site. I am impressed.

We in Vancouver have a very good web site. When I was checking the Canadian Cursillo web sites you have listed for Canada I noticed that our site is not among them. You may like to include us in you listing. Our site is

Thank you for the great work that you are doing for the Cursillo ministry. De Colores

Sidney Bilsky, treasurer, Vancouver Cursillo Movement


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