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Guestbook Archives - Year 2009


Sender's Name : John Webster Date : October 16, 2009
City / Country: Rutherglen, Australia

Hi, I'm John Webster from Rutherglen, Australia. I'm VERY impressed with your Link directory - it is very informative - well done & thank you! I'm an Anglican priest & I have just completed my 3-day weekend in the neighbouring Diocese of Bendigo, as part of the process to start the movement in our Diocese of Wangaratta. I'm from South Africa, and am pleased to read that the first Catholic weekends have been held there, and also I've heard that the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of the Highveld has invited the Anglican Cursillo Movement to be establshed there. De Colores!


Sender's Name : Marjorie Vick Date : September 18, 2009
City / Country: Reno, NV, USA

Why are there no Cursillo Retreats in Reno, Nevada?  How does one go about having one here.  I am a Catholic.  Thank you for your response.  

Have a blessed day, 


Sender's Name : Velmatine Theresa A. Morgan Smith Date : March 3, 2009
City / Country: Lexington, MS, USA

De Colores: I made Catholic Cursillo #118 in Oct. 2007. It was the most profound experience in increasing my relationship with Christ and His Holy Spirit I have ever encountered in my Christian life. I am a cradle Catholic but found I was lacking in the knowledge of my faith, Christ and in living a Christ- like life.

Please pray that my fourth day will continue to be a spiritual and educational journey as I strive to lead the live Christ instructed me to lead. God called me by name, and I answered "Yes". Praise His Name Forever!.

I would very much like to communicate with other in this glorious journey. Thank you for this web site.

Sender's Name : Soozie-T Date : February 2, 2009
City / Country: Norwich, UK

De Colores
Love your web site. We are nearly ready for another diocese to have Cursillo in NORWICH UK and are continuing to grow.
May God’s blessings be upon you all and all you do in His name.
Sue x
Make every day count!

Sender's Name : Margaret Carreiro and David Smith Date : January 10, 2009
City / Country: Goroka, PapuaNew Guinea (PNG)

My name is Judy Haki. I have attended the Lutheran Cursillo in 1986 in Papua New Guinea (PNG) The first cursillo in Papua New Guinea was in 1985 which was held in Lae. Cursillo in PNG has grown and has spread to other parts of the country. We also have another centre, which is Goroka Cursillo Community and we just had our two weekends which was very encouraging as our numbers are increasing. We praise the Lord for this. My Gmail


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