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Guestbook Archives - Year 2008


Sender's Name : Judy Haki Date : August 25, 2008
City / Country: Goroka, Papua New Guinea (PNG)

My name is Judy Haki. I have attended the Lutheran Cursillo in 1986 in Papua New Guinea (PNG)  The first cursillo in Papua New Guinea was in 1985 which was held in Lae.  Cursillo in PNG has grown and has spread to other parts of the country. We also have another centre, which is Goroka Cursillo Community and we just had our two weekends which was very encouraging as our numbers are increasing. We praise the Lord for this.


Sender's Name : Mary Starkey Date : July 25, 2008
City / Country: Bushnell, Florida, USA

Praise Report - the first (2) REC's in Central Florida were held in June, 2008 at the Sumter County Detention Center in Bushnell, Florida. Mary

Sender's Name : Jhandell Balmes Date : March 28, 2008
City / Country: Manila, Philippines

Good Day! I hope I got the correct e-mail address..I have heard about "Days with the Lord " from one of my friends and he said it was the best experience..I remember asking him about joining but he isnt sure what to answer saying he will have to ask his friend on how to join. I am from the Philippines, in Manila to be exact...How will I be able to join cursillo? I want to become a dazer(is that correct?)..I'm already 29 yrs old,female. Hoping to get a response from you. Thank you very much. You can reach me at 0918 30 33333 .Thank you very much.

Sender's Name : Kim Harris Date : March 20, 2008
City / Country: Louisville, USA

HELLO, my name is kim. i am sending this email to get information about REC. i would like to become a member and share my story of success. i was very fortunate to have experienced the program that visited KCIW. it changed my life. I was released from KCIW on dec. 18th 2006. i had a drug charge and have been out about 16 mos. and i have been released from probation. i was told that i had to be out 1yr. to participate. i have an incredible story to tell. i hope you can provide me with the right contact. i live in louisville. thank you very much for your time. sincerely, kim harris

Sender's Name : Sigrid Wonsil Date : February 17, 2008
City / Country: Streamwood, IL (Chicago area), USA

Thank you for the information on your website. I especially appreciate information on the history of the movement. I made my Cursillo in 1974 and it has changed my life. I will be giving a talk during the 237th Chicago Catholic Cursillo on March 13-16. All prayers and palanca will be greatly appreciated.

Sender's Name : Sandra Roche Date : February 17, 2008
City / Country: London, ON, Canada

Decolores, My husband and I will be visiting Hawaii from Feb. 23 - Mar. 22, 2008. We would be interested in knowing whether and where there might be Ultreya's while we are there. We will be in Honolulu Feb. 23- Mar. 1; the Big Island Mar. 1 - 8; Maui Mar. 8-15 and Kauai Mar. 15-23. Thank you for passing this information on to the appropriate person and for your assistance. FYI The Diocese of London, Canada will be having a Men's Cursillo March 27-30 and a Women's Cursillo April 3 - 6. As "Babe Chicks" now, we are excited to be sponsoring a couple who will be making that weekend. If your contacts would care to write Palanca letters for them, they are Tom Robson and his wife, Janice. Thank you for your assistance and Decolores,


Sender's Name : Monica MacDonald Date : February 4, 2008
City / Country: Port Hawkesbury, NS, Canada

I would be obliged if you would forward me a contact name and tel. no. for cursillos in Ireland. I have heard of one in Donegal. Thank you. Angela


Sender's Name : Joseph Dulski Date : January 16, 2008
City / Country: USA

I am interested in attending a cursillo for the deaf here in the US or Canada/England



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