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Photos and videos

Memories of Special Events. (Click on the picture ta access)

Le Pape Jean-Paul II salue les cursillistes

CELEBRATION OF CURSILLO 50th ANNIVERSARY. During the Jubilee Year, In Rome. 25.000 cursillistas cheering Pope John Paul II. (Video)

Marche vers S.Jacques de Compostelle

A PILGRIMAGE TO THE PLACES OF ORIGIN OF CURSILLO: Rome, Mallorca and Compostela. Summer 2000. (Photographic Report)

Ultreya 2000 à l'Oratoire

NATIONAL ULTREYA 2000. 3000 delegates from the 22 dioceses gather at St-Joseph Shrine in Montreal. (Photographic Report)

A FIRST FRANCOPHONE CURSILLO IN AFRICA! In Benin, Dec. 2003. Under the sponsorship of MCFC. (Electronic Slide Show)

Cardinal Ouellet  aux cursillistes de Québec

CURSILLO OF QUEBEC DIOCESE RECEIVES CARDINAL M. OUELLET. March 2004. (Video, from InfoReligion, Quebec diocese)

PICTURE STORY OF THE 2ND CURSILLO WEEKEND IN BENIN. By a team member coming from the MCFC. (Electronic Slide Show)




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