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About Us

We are a movement recognized by the Roman Catholic Church (and which has also spread in several other Christian churches).

Its name comes from the Spanish word "Cursillo"
which means small course.
Its original full name is "Cursillo de Cristiandad" (short course in Christianity).

However, it is not a theoretical course nor a traditional retreat; it is best described as an experience. An experience that leads to discover and better live what is fundamental in Christianity

During an initial 3-days, participants share a profound experience of Christian life ...

The week-end starts on a Thursday night and ends on Sunday night. During these three days, we learn :

  • to get to know us (encounter of self) ,
  • to experience the presence and love of Jesus Christ (encounter with God),
  • to see the good that can provide a loving and caring Christian community (encounter with others).

This Cursillo weekend represents the first, essential step along the way. The key is what happens after the weekend during the postcursillo period known as the 4th day.

... An experience they extend thereafter in regular meetings ...

The Cursillo Movement (CM) recognizes that the revelations and the enthusiasm of the weekend need to be nurtured and deepened so that the individual and the community gain maximum benefit. It is for these reasons that the CM proposes two types of regular meetings: the Group Reunion (3 to 6 people who meet regularly to help to give time to prayer, study and action) and a larger gathering called Ultreya (Spanish word which means "to go further")

... To help to influence their environment by the force of their testimony

The Cursillo Movement (CM) is an apostolic movement. Its goal is to share with the community the essence of Christianity and Christian values and in this way gradually transform the community from within. To convey its objective, the CM uses the expression "leavening society with the gospel" and it is counting primarily on the testimony of friendship and the deepening of the personal conversion of its members.

"Here is your role in the Church : to create clusters of believers who will carry the message of salvation everywhere, showing the seriousness of your opinion not by imposing it, but by a strong testimony". (Pope John Paul II)

" instrument raised up by God for the proclamation of the gospel in our time". (John Paul II)