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Cum Christo

logo Cum Christo of Columbus, OhioCum Christo (Latin for "with Christ") is an interfaith movement in Columbus Ohio, based on the Catholic Cursillo movement. 

The Cursillo Movement started in Columus in 1964. In order to do the work of Cursillo (i.e., Christianize environments) the Bishop and Secretariat saw that -- give the low percentage of Catholics in their region -- an outreach to the mainstream Protestant denominations was necessary; an adaptation that the founders of Cursillo allowed by giving the local bishop authority over the Cursillo. 

In the 1980's USA National Cursillo discerned the "Cursillo" should be denominational.  That is, Cursillo weekends should have candidates of one single denomination.  Prior to that in Columbus, Protestant denominations had been invited to participate in the Columbus Cursillos and this Ecumenical aspect became a powerful means for Christ to act in Ohio environments.  The Columbus Secretariat, in consultation with the Roman Catholic Bishop discerned that the local expression of Cursillo in Columbus should remain open to Christians of all faiths. Thus being no longer allowed to use the tradmarked name "Cursillo", they changed their name for "Cum Christo"..

CumChristo continues to draw its inspiration and guidance from the study of the writings of the Spanish founders of Cursillo.  Official leadership comes from the Bishop of the Columbus Catholic Diocese, with clergy and lay Christians from a number of Christian denominations offering their commitment, time, talent and participation in promoting CumChristo in their local Christian communitity

The information is from Cum Christo of Columbus Ohio website