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Cursillo-related Movements
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Dias con Cristo

Dias con Cristo (Spanish for "Days with Christ") has its roots in the Roman Catholic movement called "Cursillo," which is a short course in Christianity.  Dias con Cristo is inter-denominational, and is sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Nevada.

Dias con Cristo weekends are 3-day experiences in living, learning and loving in a Christian community.  We discover and deepen our relationship with God, with Jesus Christ and with each other. Dias con Cristo is a movement largely led by lay people, with participation by clergy.   Something which sets us apart from Cursillo, Tres Dias, Walk to Emmaus and other fourth day movements is that our weekends are not only inter-denominational but co-ed as well. We have found that we are enriched by the participation of both women and men in our weekends and as we move into our fourth day.

Dias con Cristo has its "home base" in Reno, Nevada.  The Dias con Cristo community includes members from as far as Yerington, NV  to the east and  Quincy, CA to the west.

The information is from the  Dias con Christo National Page. For more informations, see Dias con Christo websites