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Cursillo-related Movements
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Episcopal Cursillos

Episcopal Cursillo Emblem (Chicago)In 1972 , 15 years after the first Cursillo given in Spanish in Waco, Texas, USA, the Episcopal Church (Anglican Church of the United States) was assisted by the Catholic cursillistas to start its Movement in Dallas Texas. Today there are Episcopal Cursillos everywhere in the United States. It has its own National Committee that produces the material, bring the support to the diocesan organizations and coordinates the whole Movement.

The Episcopal Cursillo Movement is very similar to the Catholic one.   For example, the Chicago Episcopal Cursillo describes its movement thus:

"Cursillo is a movement of the church which trains and supports its members to live out their apostolic mission. Christians are introduced to Cursillo through a three day weekend. They are supported by small groups and these small groups also meet together in larger groups".

For more information, see Episcopal Cursillo websites.