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Cursillo-related Movements
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LIFE is the Protestant Army Chaplaincy's adaptation in Europe of the Cursillo weekends. 

A participant in a Life weekend, in Germany, wrote this to us (translated from French):

"LIFE is indeed a movement derived from the Cursillo Movement. I am not sure but I believe it exists only in Germany (where I am stationed). Its name "LIFE" is the  abbreviation for "Living In Focusing Everyday".

The weekend extends over 3 days and an evening (from Thursday evening till Sunday afternoon). When I participated in it, we were about 20 pilgrims surrounded by some 20-25 organizers. There is generally a substantial team in regard to the number of pilgrims. To be served ceaselessly by the organizers is also part of the experience (at table, during workshops, small attentions, etc.).

The pilgrims are divided into small groups sitting together during workshops and also during meals.  The purpose is to make friends and learn from persons that were strangers upon arriving at the weekend.

The workshops unroll this way: a minister or an organizer presents a "speech" on a predetermined subject (the subjects do not change) then the groups discuss it, sharing feelings, opinions, prayers¼  We are assisted by a minister (there is usually one per group). The subjects concern the three pillars of De Colores: holiness (prayer), study, action.  Beside the "speeches", there are also different kind of  "experiences" such as : give ones burden to God, etc.

To my knowledge, there is no Internet site concerning LIFE weekends."

* Thanks to Delphine Gros, Baptist, from France, for supplying us with this information.