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Cursillo-related Movements
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Paseo Con Cristo

Paseo Con Cristo literally translated means "A Walk With Christ", and is a program of Spiritual renewal for both laypersons and clergy.  Through our program of three day weekends hundreds of Christians have discovered, or rediscovered, renewal in Christian faith.

The Paseo Con Cristo Community was originally begun in the St. Louis Area as a Cursillo Community in August of 1979.  In March of 1999, though still following the traditional Cursillo method, we changed our name to reflect the multiple denominational nature of our community.  On most Paseo Con Cristo weekends, three, four, sometimes even five denominations are represented.  Each weekend incorporates a series of talks, music, instruction, worship, daily communion, prayer, interaction among participants, and much more.

Beginning on a Thursday evening and ending the following Sunday evening, Paseo ConCristo teaches what is fundamental to Christian life.  The core of this "Walk With Christ" weekend is a series of talks presented by laypersons and clergy on topics including Ideal, Grace, Faith, Piety, Study, Sacraments, Action, Obstacles to Grace, Leaders, and Christianity in Action.  The weekend also includes many activities, and many pleasant surprises.

A Paseo Con Cristo Weekend is three days long, but it lasts a lifetime.  In the end, when you have discovered what Paseo Con Cristo truly is, you will realize that you have only reached the beginning of our walk with Christ.  A Paseo Con Cristo weekend is a training opportunity for Christian leaders and a springboard for Christian action in our world.  Above all, it is the discovery of the abiding presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and the constant awareness of the awesome mystery of his endless love for his people.

This resumy is an excerpt from the Paseo con Cristo Brochure on the Gateway Paseo con Cristo - St.Louis, MO websit