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Cursillo-related Movements
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Presbyterian Cursillo / Presbyterian Pilgrimage

Since coming to the U.S. en 1957, Cursillo has found expression in several denominations and in nondenominational groups as well.  Episcopal Cursillo and Walk to Emmaus groups helped Presbyterian Cursillo groups begin in Charleston, SC and in the Presbytery of the Peaks in Virginia.

There are two  kinds of Cursillo Movement within the Presbyterian Church.  One which bears the name of "Presbyterian Cursillo"  and which allows only members of the Presbyterian Church to participate in it's Cursillo weekend retreats (subject to the terms of the license agreement that allows it to use the name Cursillo).   The other is called "Presbyterian Pilgrimage", which has chosen not to be bound by such a requirement and to accept members of any Christian church in its Pilgrimage weekend retreats.  

Except this one point, both groups are alike in all major respects and are officially recognized by the Church.  Both the Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage operation manual have been written by Rev. Fred Keith.  They follow the same "Pilgrim's Guide" which says that

"The Cursillo Movement is both a movement and a method. The purpose of the movement is to create small groups of Christians that will evangelize their environments with the gospel spirit. The purpose of the method is to help persons live what is fundamental for being a Christian by committing themselves to the spiritual aids the church offers in order to grow in holiness, formation and evangelization".

Presbyterian Cursillo is found in the United States and in Canada. In USA, there are now more than 20 local Presbyterian Cursillo and Pilgrimage groups holding weekend retreats.  We know of four Presbyterian Pilgrimage groups : three are located in Virginia and one is in North Carolina. There are at least fifteen active Presbyterian Cursillo groups in eight other states and many more in various stages of preparation.  In Canada, there are groups in the Maritimes, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

For more information, see Presbyterian Cursillo and Presbyterian Pilgrimage websites.