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Cursillo-related Movements
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Tres Dias

Tres Dias (Spanish for "three days") is an ecumenical Christian renewal movement. It encourages people to be in small groups to support each other in their lives as Christians.  The official description of Tres Dias given by the  International Tres Dias,, shows a great similarity between this Movement and the Cursillo Movement.

The first Tres Dias weekend was held in Newburgh, New York, November 2-5, 1972. Dave McManigal was its rector. He was a Protestant who had attended a Roman Catholic Cursillo and was led to be instrumental in forming Tres Dias That weekend, then as now, was open to all Christian traditions.  On each weekend, candidates and team members including the spiritual directors represent various denominations and congregations.

The Tres Dias weekend is a three day retreat centered on growth in an individual's Christian life.  The dynamics of each weekend develop slowly to allow each candidate to move comfortably through each experience. On Friday the emphasis is more personal and provides for introspection; Saturday is action oriented, the person of Christ is the focus; and Sunday the direction is toward the community. At the same time the level of witness and personal testimony increases during each day and each day begins at a higher level than the day before. The talks each day begin with the mind or understanding, move to the will or commitment; the final lay talk of each day stressing the heart or love.

All of these elements are a direct out growth of the Cursillo weekend and the urgent desire on the part of a few Pescadores to provide a similar spiritual experience for fellow Protestants. Thus Tres Dias, an ecumenical movement came into being through the energetic and loving support of the Cursillo community.

In 1985 Tres Dias became International when communities were chartered in Korea and Germany. The "International Tres Dias" is located in Poughkeepsie, NY.    There are more than fifty local secretariats around the world.  Tens of thousands of people have made the weekend.

For more informations, see  Tres Dias websites.