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Alarga logoAlarga  (Spanish word meaning Reaching Out) is a program developed in Australia to meet the needs of pilgrims with Physical
Disabilities, unable to cope with the pressure of the Walk to Emmaus timetable, the unsuitability of some sites, and to participate
together with ablebodied persons in the Walk to Emmaus weekend experience.

Following the Emmaus program closely, Alarga is based on the Cursillo method and aims at the renewal and development of Christian leaders.  Many Alarga pilgrims find new ways of serving their church and community after the weekend.

An Alarga weekend is from Thursday evening until Sunday afternoon. All the special experiences of Emmaus are retained, Agape, Dying Moments, Candlelighting, Closing, whatever you experienced on an Emmaus Walk is experienced on an Alarga Weekend, but at a slower pace.

All Alarga pilgrims, at the completion of the weekend are immediately absorbed into an existing Emmaus Community, and encouraged to take part in all fourth day activities. There is no separate Alarga Community.

The first Alarga weekend was held at Margate Queensland in August 1991. Till 2003, Australia had been the only country using this program in Queensland and N.S.W., where altogether 10 weekends have been held. It was introduced in America recently.

In August 1998 the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus confirmed that "Alarga International be an extension of the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus program ".  An International Co-ordinator is appointed for the Alarga Element of the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus International.

This information was taken from Alarga, A movement of Emmaus - Australia . More on Alarga websites.