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"Chayah (khaw-yaw) is an Hebrew word meaning: to have life, to bring back to life, to restore and sustain life, to live for ever." 
Chaya is serving Arizona's incarcerated youth. It is a comprehensive ecumenical Christian program for incarcerated youth held at the Black Canyon and Adobe Mountain Schools in North Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Chaya is an outgrowth of the Lutheran Cursillo Movement of Arizona and is based on the Cursillo method.

Chaya's purpose is to teach & demonstrate unconditional love to the incarcerated youth of Arizona in such a way that God is manifested through Jesus Christ. It provides 3-day, volunteer run retreats at the schools once in the Fall and once in the Spring.  There are Group reunions on Monday evenings for the Girls and Sunday evenings for the boys twice a month.   Chayah also has mentors for youth upon their release from these facilities if a youth requests one.

For more information, see  Chayah websites