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Handicapped Encounter Christ (HEC)

HEC - Handicapped Encounter Christ -  is a weekend retreat for physically disabled persons of all faiths.  Criteria: Age 17 or older, mentally and emotionally capable of participating in a weekend experience (at this time the weekend is not geared towards deaf or mentally retarded adults).

HEC was founded in 1974, in New York, by John Keck, a man of vision, commitment and determination, known as the "Father of HEC".   The HEC retreat is modeled after TEC - Teens Encounter Christ, a Catholic Cursillo-like movement for youth.   

The weekend  brings disabled and non-disabled persons together to touch one another’s lives in an atmosphere of Christian community.  The purpose of the weekend is to raise awareness among disabled persons of the gifts which they bring to the Christian community.  Able-bodied persons on the weekend also gain an insight into how they themselves are disabled in some ways.

Even though no programmed growth has been planned for HEC, active communities have taken root throughout North America, Australia and the Philippines. 

Our summary has excerpts from the "Villanova University, Office of Campus Ministry" page. For further information from this site and others, see: Handicapped Encounter Christ websites