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Rescate Catolico

logo RescateRescate (Spanish word for "Ransom") is a program of the Catholic Church operating in the correctional environment in South Florida. It is an offshoot of the Cursillo movement, based on its method and seeking to train Christian leaders among the inmates in prison. It is a powerful instrument of conversion and evangelization at the disposal of the Catholic Prison Ministry.

Rescate consists primarily of a short and intensive course given during a weekend that starts on Friday at 4 PM and ends on Sunday at 9 PM. The team members stay with the inmates all that time, except to sleep, eating with them or bringing food to their cell.

At the request of the Prison Ministry director, Sammy Díaz, an adaptation of "Rescate" has been made in order to allow also a one day program for those who would not be able to follow the traditionnal 3-day experience.

The movement started in South Florida in the early 80s. We are not aware of its actual expansion. Its Official Manual has this to say about its vision and mission:

"Following the intentions of Monseñor Román, we must: (1) Try to realize 'Rescates' in each and every prison of Miami-Dade and Broward as often as possible; (2) Visit the young prisonners (Youth Hall); and (3) Aim at bringing Rescate. also in English, in other prisons all throughout the United States. Translated from "Estatutos de Rescate, Nov. 5, 1987"

Our summary is excerpted from the Spanish site Rescate Catolico, of Miami, FL.
If you understand Spanish, refer to this site for more information.