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The meaning of its name

The word "Chrysalis" means the form taken by insect in the torpid stage of passive development between larva (caterpillar etc.) & imago (butterfly etc.). In this preparatory state the caterpillar shapes its energy, wings, and beautiful colours, for a completely new life. It symbolizes the secret and wonderful transformation operated by Christ in the one who discovers His personal love and accepts to follow the invitation of that love.

Upper Room's Chrysalis EmblemChrysalis is the name given by the Upper Room of the United Methodist Church to the teen and young adult version of "Walk to Emmaus", a Cursillo derived movement.  The teen version is called "CI Chrysalis" (for 10th through 12th graders, ages 14-18) and the "YAC - Young Adult Chrysalis" is for young adults, between 19 and 24.

Chrysalis "Flights"(for teens) and "Journeys" (for young adults) are three-day events.  This three-day spiritual renewal time provides an opportunity for the young to learn more about faith, to experience Christian love and support, and to make new faith commitments.  The point is to inspire, challenge and equip the young people for a closer friendship with Christ and for Christian action at home, church, school, and community.  The three days focus on God's grace, the experience with Christ as friend, what it means to be the body of Christ and giving love to a needy world.

The Chrysalis movement is largely spread (on the path of Walk to Emmaus, its parent movement):  It is found all over the United States, as well as in Australia, Brasil, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Germany and India.    

The above summary is based on the "Chrysalis finder & community map",  which references close to 60 Chrysalis websites.