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EPJ - Encuentros de Promocion Juvenil

EPJ (in English: EYP - Encounters of Youth Promotion) is based on the Cursillo method; it makes possible to youth the living-out and mutual sharing of what is fundamental for being a Christian, it helps Christian youngsters to fully realize their vocation, their leadership and their personality, and it creates nuclei of youngsters who will engage in leavening their environments with the Gospel.

Its founder is José Maria Pujadas.  He had been previously involved with the Cursillo Movement, initiating it in the diocese of Gerona, Spain, and also in Colombia.  In 1968, as Pope Paul VI and the Episcopal Conference of Latin America had insisted that youth be a pastoral priority, Father Pujadas started Encuentros de Promocion Juvenil in Colombia and worked in spreading it throughout Central America.  In 1974, he returned to Barcelona, in Spain, and there again started the EPJ Movement. He spent the rest of his live coordinating its implementation on the International level.

Today Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil exists in 14 countries, gathered in four regions, namely: 

  • Northern Region: United States and Mexico.
  • Region of Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panamá.
  • South Caribean Region : Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic and Porto Rico.
  • Region of Europe: Spain and Italy.

The above is a translation based on  the "EPJ official webpage of Mexico". For more information, see Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil websites.