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Footstsep is an interdenominational christian youth movement  dedicated to bringing youth to Christ.  It is an outreach of Koinonia of Western New York & Southern Ontario.  The movement is run by youth and for youth to help them experience Christ in a new way and true Christian community.

Footsteps main event is a weekend retreat which is put on three times each year. This weekend retreat experience demonstrates Christ's love for each candidate through expressed love and witness of the Koinonia/Cursillo community and the FootSteps community of Christian youth. 

Normally there are over 60 youth in the building, along with 20 or so adults for supervision, cooking, guidance, and support. Youth are broken up into groups or 'families' which spend much of the weekend together -- bonding, sharing, caring, and talking.  It is a time of prayer, worship, and study. Youth present the majority of the talks which are given, and clergy give the other few (no sermons!). Each day begins and end with a worship chapel, and time is spent throughout the day in joyous song.

     This information is taken from the Buffalo Footsteps website.