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Both the name (meaning an Experience) and the butterfly emblem refer to the Pascal mystery.  In the cocoon, the caterpillar seemed dead.  But it came out of it to live a totally new life.  It recalls what happened to Jesus arisen from the dead, and what happens to all those who, with him and through his grace, are transformed by God's love.

"Happening-A Christian Experience" is a program designed for high school youth in the Episcopalian Church.

 The Movement stemmed from parents' desire to share their Cursillo experience with their teens.  As in Cursillo, Happening seeks to bring young persons to a fuller personal knowledge of and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to a deeper level of commitment and apostleship.  The initial weekend is an experience similar to the Cursillo weekend but last two days, from friday evening till sunday afternoon.  The weekend is followed by monthly meetings called "comitas".  Teens are encouraged to take a renewed faith back into their worlds to "make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ."

The first Happening took place at Dallas, Texas, in 1975.  Nowadays, it is spread all over the United States and also in other countries.  It is a well organized Movement facilitated by the National Happening Leadership Conference and ruled by a Quality Control Manual.

Source: the National Happening Leadership Conference site and other Anglican Happening sites.  See also Lutheran Happening sites