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Jornadas de Vida Cristiana 

« Jornadas de Vida Cristiana - M.J.V.C.» (Days of Christian Life) is a Catholic Youth Group Movement.  Its foundation in South America in the early sixties is based on the Cursillo method and on teaching the belief in youth evangelizing to other youth. 

"As part of the Church, the "Movimiento de Jornadas de Vida Cristiana"  is an answer to the call of Pope John Paul 11 asking for a NEW EVANGELIZATION, new in its enthusiasm, its methods and its expression.   As a Movement we stand by our desire to

serve Christ and the Gospel and commit ourselves seriously to examine, to study and to sit on proper grounds our specific instrument of evangelization : LA JORNADA.  " (Translated from the Manual Básico Nacional del M.J.V.C)

As with the Cursillo, the "Jornadas" consists of two separate but essential aspects, the Weekend and Follow Up.  The purpose of the Weekend is to bring the participants (males and females but the gentlemen go one month, while the ladies go on the next month) to a deep experience of God's Grace, this wonderful gift from the Father who makes us His sons and friends.  They come out of this experience not merely as "Jornadistas" but as true disciples of Christ and committed christians

The M.J.V.C. has spread largely among hispano groups, as can be seen from websites coming from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and the United States. 

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