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TEC-Troops Encounter Christ

Troops Encounter Christ (TEC) is an adaptation for soldiers and military members of Teens Encounter Christ (TEC).   It is fully affiliated with the
TEC Conference and follows TEC's Official Manual. 

The purpose of Troops Encounter Christ is to provide an experience of the essential truths of our faith, drawing youth/young soldiers to a
commitment to Christ and empowering them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

The first Military TEC (Troops Encounter Christ) was held in 1975.  The "Fort Bragg TEC" website (which has gone offline since 2002) mentioned
that its Military TEC was founded in 1993 by Fr Joe O'Keeffe and Captain Jeff Oppenheim and announced, among other centers, a recent foundation
in Dolomite, Italy.  Today (2006), according to Atlanta TEC, Troops Encounter Christ have centers at West Point, NY; Fort Bragg, NC; Military
District of Washington (MDW/ TEC); Fort Hood, TX; Fort Drum, NY; and Germany is starting a military TEC center.