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Aventura" (Spanish word for adventure) is an interdenominational weekend for young people in high school (aged 14 - 20).  Based on the Cursillo method, this 3-day weekend  was started by members of the Central Connecticut Tres Dias community. It is ecumenical and has been running since
1981. A New Hampshire branch is now being formed.

It is simply a method that attempts to show the reality of God's love. It is a time of togetherness and one-on-one sharing of new ideas and concepts presented under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and using Christian leader

During the adventure from Friday night to Sunday evening, those attending will participate in a very special living experience. There will be new adventures as friendships are formed, new horizons of living are explored; and a new appreciation of the reality of Christ's love is seen.

Aventura is centered on a series of short talks given by clergy and adult and youth lay people, who have volunteered their time during weeks of preparation, working and praying together for the weekend adventure.

The talks present the basic themes of Christian life and its application to daily living. There are also times for worship, singing, fellowship and celebration of Holy Communion.

Aventura is a time of joy and Christian fellowship as one learns about the adventure with Christ.

This information is taken from the Aventura website and an e-mail from Steve Gwilt