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La Relève

Logo - La Relève"La Relève" is a Catholic Movement for teens (14-18) usually associated with and leading to R3 (R-cube), a similar Movement for ages 18-30, in the French-speaking dioceses of eastern Canada.

The Movement started in 1978 in the diocese of St-Jean-Longueil, QC., Canada.  It was founded by two cursillistas, a religious nun, Aline Girard, s.p.m., and a lay pastoral animator, Émile Duhamel.  It soon spread to the neighbouring diocese of  St-Hyacinthe, QC & Montreal, QC and gradually reached other dioceses like Cornwall, ON, Gatineau/Hull, QC, Joliette, QC, Ontario-South, Pembroke, QC, Quebec, QC, Sherbrooke, QC.

During a summer camp weekend, the young lives an experience  somewhat similar to the cursillo experience but adapted to the teen's need.   After their weekend, the "relevists" go on meeting regularly in small groups, sharing friendship and spiritual values.  An adult couple accompanies each group.  Twice a year, a special 3-day encounter brings together the small groups.  It is a sort of "special ultreya" which is called "faire un Relève-toi" (to take a firm stand) and which helps to keep the flame of the first camp burning brightly.

For more information (in French), see La Relève websites