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logo Vocare"Vocare" is a latin word meaning "to call".  It's motto is "Let yourself hear Christ's Call"

Vocare is an instument of renewal in the Episcopalian Church for young adults aged 19 - 30. Its aim is to concentrate closely on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ who calls each of us to help carry on the work He started long ago.

During the weekend, those attending listen to talks given by young adults and clergy.  The subject is extensive as the titles of the talks indicate:  Identity, What is a Christian?, Reconciliation, Response to Christ, Spiritual Journey, Community, Vocation, Empowerment, and Tomorrow.  After each talk, opportunity is given for questions and discussion in smaller groups.  A relaxed, supportive atmosphere gives the participants a chance to reflect on their calling.

This encounter with Christ during the weekend is frequently the turning point in a person's life.  What's more, Vocare provides a means to continue the Christian formation which is just begun in the three-day program.

A Steering Committee called "Vocare International Inc." is looking after the Movement, helping to spread the Vocare ministry to other Dioceses.  It is currently active in 17 dioceses (in USA and one in Canada) and working on expanding to 7 more, including South Africa.

This information is from the Vocare International website