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- Question 22
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Can young singles (22-23 years old) attend a Cursillo?


[translated from Spanish]

Hello how are you?. I really appreciate your website. I am part of the Secretariat of the Diocese of San Nicolas in Argentina and I want to make a query: Should we accept young singles (22-23 years old) as candidates for a Cursillo weekend? Since we should bear in mind the selection of the environments to be evangelized when selecting a candidate, do we have to be specific about the environments? Many thanks in advance for your reply. Love in Jesus and Mary. Mario Prado


Hello Mario, De Colores!

We warmly welcome your concern and hope to bring you the best possible answer.

Without hesitation we say: Yes, you should accept young singles in the twenties as candidates to the Cursillo weekend. Why? For three reasons:

  • First, because the Cursillo Movement was created for and by young people (see the history of the beginnings).
  • Second, because in order to survive, the Movement must open its doors to young people.
  • Third, because young people do not only represents an environment to be evangelized but is indeed among the pastoral priorities set by the Church today.

Feel free to come back if you need more explanation. With a warm hug and my best blessing,

Padre Loyola, s.s.s


Participants to the first cursillo, at Cala Figuera in 1944