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Cursillo Movement
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The Cursillo Movement in Belgium

Secretariat: Diocesan Secretariat of the Cursillo Movement Attn: Jacqueline Vervoir Quai Van Hoegaerden, 2/120, 4000 Liège, Belgium Tel.: (32-4) 223-2131

The Diocesan chairing team: (*)

  • Chairperson: Dominique Bossy
    rue Ferdinand Nicolay 351, 4420 Saint-Nicolas (Liège) - tél.: 04 234 40 45
  • Mimi LAMY, rue du Rond-Point 10, 4420 Saint-Nicolas - t.: 04 252 45 78

Spiritual Advisor: Joseph Roulling, prst


The first Cursillo was held in Belgium in the Diocese of Vaalbeek, from 16 to 19 April 1964, led by a team from the United States. (See Review "Tripod", Venezuela, # 6, p. 27), but we cannot say if it was not followed by other Cursillos in this diocese

diocèse de LiègeThe CM was founded at Liège in february 1982 due mainly to Germaine & José Bouhon who had experienced a Cursillo weekend in Quebec, Canada, a year before. This first cursillo in French in Belgium was held with the help of 2 teams (men & women) coming from Quebec, Canada and guided by Fathers Bruno Lacroix, ofm.cap. and Loyola Gagné, s.s.s., secretary of the MCFC. Since then, at least two cursillo weekends (one for men and one for women) are given each year.


* Latest news -2010: It has been brought to our attention that the Belgium Secretariat is now closed, at least momentarily. However, Dominique Bossy is still active and keeping the archives.